Graphene Touch and Magnesium Fusion


MxG is the fusion of Magnesium and Graphene Touch to give you a balance of power and control like no other racquet. The MxG's injection molded Magnesium Bridge is precision formed and provides ultimate stability at a very low weight.

MxG Technology

Power under Control

MxG larger sweet-spot MxG larger sweet-spot

More Power

The Magnesium Bridge is specially designed for longer free moving strings which provide a much larger sweet-spot and more power.

MxG racquet stability MxG racquet stability

More Control

At the same time the solid Magnesium Bridge keeps the hoop from deforming and offers you total control on every shot.

MxG Experience Days


Come and test the new HEAD MxG racquets and experience the future of tennis.


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The all new MxG

Power under control

Magnesium 3D Chassis Magnesium 3D Chassis
Graphene Touch Technology Graphene Touch Technology