Frame Of Mind with Sam Kuch

Time is indeed relative, Einstein proved it if nothing else, but how much can our experience of time differ? Sheila Street, mother of Sam Kuch, states that her son can slow time down. How that works, we lack the brains to grasp, even more to explain. It is however clear to us that watching Sam Kuch ski is a sacred experience. The impossible and the completely natural intertwined. The realisation that some things are just meant to happen, that some people are meant to do exactly what they’re doing at that given moment. You can envy them or just surrender, lean back and enjoy the ride.


There are thousands of kids growing up with the dream of becoming a pro skier. Some of them even have the talent and the surrounding support to succeed. Even so, only a handful make it all the way. Sam’s old freeride coach, Dano Slater, believes his former adept’s fortune has a lot to do with his mental strength. He says Sam has a certain determination, on top of his obvious talent. Something more than bravery. A complete commitment to his actions. A way of not just going off the edge and see what happens. A plan, and a will to execute it: “Whatever you want to do, you must do it like you mean it, and it’s possible. Sam’s shown me, and a lot of other people, that almost anything is possible,” he concludes.


So, being able to control time combined with a will of steel seems to help, what else!? Well, no man is an island, right? And besides his mother, his coach, team manager, filmers and photographers that contributed over the years, there’s another person that has meant a lot for Sam’s development over the last seasons, his young Canadian teammate, Cole Richardson.


The formation of this dynamic duo seems to be yet another one of those lucky (or just well deserved) circumstances that keeps the story of Sam Kuch a proper page turner that you simply can’t put down. We consider ourselves very lucky to be a part of that story.

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“I ski the Kore on everything from the deepest backcountry days, to tracked out runs at the resort. The light weight of the skis, along with the flex and pop, results in a ski that really inspires confidence. You say jump, the ski says, 'how high?'. "